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8 Jobs That Will Go Extinct (part 2)

The development of technology can lead to the disappearance of some future jobs

5. Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots

Futurist, strategist and pilot John L. Petersen wrote that drones and other unmanned carriers will become part of the global aircraft fleet. Artificial intelligence agents will research and collect information such as the weather and flight plans — just like traditional pilots. Petersen also reports that the Navy has flown drones from aircraft carriers, and drone cargo helicopters are already in use in Afghanistan by the Marine Corps.

UAV X - 47B

6. Bookkeepers and Accountants

Rawson also predicted that bookkeepers and accountants will be extinct by the year 2028. Chris Thompson of Wellers Accountants wrote that the business intelligence that bookkeepers provide by number crunching and reporting is key to strategic decision making. Software, such as QuickBooks, can capture and report data in real time. And artificial intelligence software, such as that created by Quill, can now analyze data and produce written reports integrating various data sources.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

7. Interpreters and Translators

The nuances of language make voice interpretation difficult for computers, as Kevin Rawlinson experienced on a recent trip to Bilbao, Spain. In an article for BBC News, he wrote that he found various Google language apps to be helpful but awkward in practice.

But according to The Economist, which cites the consulting firm Common Sense Advisory, sales in the language interpretation industry are approaching $37 billion each year. This implies that Google and other leading technology firms will continue to attempt to perfect their tools. One day soon, the need for interpreters could disappear.

8. Newspaper Reporters

Careercast included newspaper reporters as a dying breed in its 2014 list of the most endangered jobs. Citing a report by, Careercast predicted the profession will decline by 13 percent in the coming years as consumers continue to read the news online and advertisers exploit online channels rather than print publications.

Layoffs and furloughs will be the inevitable result of reduced funds from the advertising industry. And news apps will appeal to the mobile user, who can catch up on current events while waiting in line or riding public transportation.

Source: VNExpress