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Business Administration students attend "Vietnam - Japan Cultural Exchange Festival 2019"

In addition to the event of Japanese Job Fair, the Vietnam-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival, organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Da Nang City and East Asia University, has attracted many people to join with many interesting cultural activities. Responding to the spirit of the festival, Business Administration students participated in the culinary stall with many attractive and delicious dishes.

The menu is extremely diverse with many attractive dishes such as Japanese pancake, rice ball, Korokke, steamed chicken eggs. Japanese steamed chicken eggs, also known as Chawanmushi, are a nutritious and extremely popular appetizer in Japan. Japanese pancake (Okonomiyaki) is a salty pancake that uses a variety of ingredients mixed together. In addition to the main ingredients similar to Vietnamese pancakes such as flour, vegetables, shrimp, meat, Japanese pancakes are more diversified with chicken eggs, squid, octopus, cabbage and seaweed. Japanese rice ball (Onigiri) is a very popular dish for Japanese people because of its delicious, nutritious, cheap, but everyone can do it, eat it. Korokke, also known as potato cake, is a popular Japanese bakery.

A Japanese guest visited the booth of the Business Administration student

Mr. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of the school visited the booth

In addition to the eye-catching form, the dishes also have a delicious taste. Students in Business Administration have a very meaningful presentation clarifying the reasons and criteria for choosing dishes to serve during this special festival which makes diners feel deeply interested. Although the Business Administration student team did not win the first prize in this culinary competition, the Faculty of Business Administration was one of the most visited booths during the Japanese Cultural Festival 2019.

Business Administration students give a presentation about the meaning of dishes