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Digital Marketing 4.0 training course

In order to nurturing the knowledge about technology application in Marketing 4.0 era, Management Faculty successfully organized the Digital 4.0 Training course with attendance of 2nd- year, 3rd – year students of Management Faculty through lots of attractive topics including:

  • Building an easy – to – remember brand name and marketing strategies on Social media
  • Creating a simple website and Increasing the business appearance on Google
  • Optimizing Search Engine and Understanding the business from data with a familiar and lively presentation from experienced speakers such as:
  1. Mr. Doan Duc Thanh – CEO of Conando, a marketing solution agency
  2. Mr. Le Nguyen Bao – the lecturer of Jefferson, a business management consultancy company
  3. And so on.

Students paid attention to the speakers’ sharing

Students participate actively in the study sessions

Through the course, the Z – generation students of Business Management Faculty were trained and updated a lot of new information about developing the applications of Marketing 4.0 tools effectively, which is a really good preparation for their career after graduation.