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Emotional Graduation Ceremony 2019

In the afternoon of July 8, 2019, Dong A University held a graduation ceremony for more than 1000 students, including nearly 60 undergraduates in business administration.

The Graduation Ceremony took place solemnly with the presence of the Board of Directors and all faculty members of Dong A University

All students of Dong A University have jointly performed the sacred oath of ceremonies in costumes of new masters, bachelors and engineers. Each student will best apply the knowledge, professional skills and professional working attitude in their lives to become useful citizens, ready to face obstacles, take part in building organization cultures and contributing the most to the development of society.

New masters, bachelors, engineers perform oath rites

Every generation of graduating students brings many indescribable emotions to teachers as well as new masters, bachelors and engineers. Even after graduation, students will remember the moments with their teachers. It’s also hard for teachers to forget the four-year students who have been with them in the lecture hall. On every occasion to see each generation of students off the campus, the teachers of Dong A University feel more proud of their noble work to motivate and strive for better in the education career. Let's look back at the images filled with emotion in this graduation ceremony of 2019: