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Global integration with LOGISTICS

Logistics is a business sector that contributes greatly in import and export activities in every country. Although it was born not long ago, Logistics industry has gradually affirmed its great role in the economy of many countries in the world, including Vietnam.

In the modern trend, it is quite normal to own famous Korean technology products such as Samsung manufactured in Vietnam. However, little is known about how an international product's journey to consumers takes place. It has a combination of many stages, from the suppliers of raw materials to processing factories around the world, transport units to distribution centers, wholesale and retail stores, etc. How can this coordination be carried out smoothly, maximizing cost savings in line with the interests of customers and businesses?

In order to solve these problems, it is impossible not to mention the role of Logistics experts who are capable of coordinating and calculating to save transportation costs, thereby reducing product costs. As a result, businesses have the opportunity to compete in the marketplace.

Learning Logistics - career development to be professional at work

Logistics industry is a volatile industry. Therefore, in order to have a strong foothold in your job, you need to be deeply equipped with professional skills in your career. Besides, the continuous updating of new knowledge is also what helps people in the Logistics industry not to be lagged behind.

According to some assessments of domestic and foreign enterprises, human resources that know logistics processes in a professional manner are very insufficient and weak, forcing them to train. With the current level of human resources and development conditions, it can be said that the logistics industry is one of the "hottest" industries today.

What are future jobs for students of Logistics?

The job positions for those who choose to study Logistics majors are quite diverse, specifically you can do the following jobs:

  • Import and export staff
  • Import and export business staff
  • Purchasing staff
  • Goods management staff
  • Management personnel operate transport operations
  • Logistics business staff ...

"Plus" points for students studying at Dong A University

  • Designing programs according to practical modules, prioritizing skills development for learners.
  • 100% of students have the opportunity to practice in Japan.
  • Learning Japanese for free right from the first year.

Currently, Logistics is an in-depth specialized course in the Faculty of Business Administration at Dong A University.

In particular, according to the official university admission plan 2019, the university applies both flexible admission methods, including: Evaluating high school transcripts, considering the results of the national high school exam. This will increase your chances of becoming a new student at Dong A University.