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Leadership and Happiness class under the direction of Prof. Suk - Jun Lim

With the purpose of updating and nurturing useful knowledge for students and lecturers of Business Management Major - Faculty of Management, UDA invited Prof. Suk Jun Lim from Dong-A University (Korea) to organize the class on Leadership for students and the class on Happiness for officers and lecturers on January 14 and January 15, 2019.

At the workshop on Leadership skills in 4.0 Phase for students, the Professor shared a lot of useful skills for students to integrate into the new era such as resolving skill for one problem and that for many problems. Resolving skill for one problem is only suitable for simple jobs and is being threatened by modern technologies. Instead, the current job market is demanding on a labour force with enough skills to deal with different necessary jobs while assuring the quality. Moreover, people need to have thinking and creating skills to compete to machines as well as adapt to the increasing demands from labour market.

Prof. Lim in the sharing session of Happiness with Staff and Lecturers

Nevertheless, in the speech for officers and lecturers on Happiness, he helped them to find happiness in working so that they can gain the productivity and the teaching quality for Dong A University. As a result, the quality of students will be highly improved in the future.