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Marketing management - As hot as it gets

According to the survey of VietnamWorks website about the demand for human resources in 2019, marketing is in the top 10 industries with the highest demand for recruitment, accounting of 10% of recruitment demand with high starting salary compared to other job listing. So in order to answer the problems of many parents and students standing at the door of the university, we learn together and find the answer to the question "What is marketing? What do marketing management do?

What is marketing?

When it comes to marketing terminology, many people think of hand-to-hand marketers who bring products to the crowds; others think this is a job related to advertising, or promotion ... but that's not the right way to understand the industry. So what is marketing? In fact, there is no concept that can correctly define Marketing, but it is understandable that the most understandable way is that Marketing is an important part of business, Marketing is a customer-oriented activity, creating relationships. system between businesses and customers, followed by value-added activities to customers and at the same time creating the desired values for businesses and organizations. Therefore, when learning management, students will be equipped with knowledge related to marketing principles, marketing research, sales management, distribution channel management, marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, service marketing, financial management, human resource management, marketing planning, communication and business negotiation skills, market and price analysis, and international marketing.

What does marketing management do?

Currently, marketing is the most recruited field currently according to the report of Vietnamworks recruitment page. Moreover, the marketing field is very diverse and dynamic, which can meet all interests and passions of people.

Marketing Management students at Dong A University

Marketing is also seen as an art, requiring people to work at a high level of expertise, good practical ability to survive. Students after graduating with a Bachelor of Marketing Management can work in the following areas: customer relations, marketing, market research, sales and communication, distribution and supply, customer service and take care of. Therefore, students have many career opportunities after graduation so that they can challenge and overcome their limits.