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“October 20” event in the style of students in Business Administration

Not a professional "event organizer" but members of BA18A2A and BA18A2B Classes - K18 Business Administration successfully organized a small party on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20 for half of the UDA world - Faculty of Management. This is also a memorable memory for the other half in the first days of university.

The event was meticulously prepared

Vietnam Women's Day October 20 is approaching, the whole country boasted meaningful activities to honor the contributions and sacrifices of half the world. In that atmosphere, K18 students in Business Administration - Faculty of Administration chose this meaningful day to organize events for all women.

The event took place quickly in a way that was characterized by students of Business Administration. All details are completed in a thorough way, even though there are still a few "nuts" but the event has partly helped the women have a chance to SHINE on the occasion of honor.