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Opportunities for cooperation and technology transfer from the workshop "Foreign Direct Investment in Asia"

In recent years, Asian countries, especially Vietnam, are one of the key markets for attracting total foreign direct investment (FDI).

In the international context of fast and complex developments, bringing many opportunities and challenges for attracting foreign investment, there should be breakthrough solutions, efficiency and high enforcement to improve investment environment, continue to attract and maximize the efficiency of foreign investment.

Therefore, the seminar "Foreign Direct Investment in Asia" on May 26 at Dong A University will be a forum bringing together 23 research topics with the participation of more than 30 leading experts. Professors and PhDs from prestigious foreign universities such as Nagasaki University - Japan, Huaqiao University - China, Dong-A University - Korea.

Dong A Universit, Korea 

Nagasaki University, Japan

 Huaqiao University, China

Dong A University, Viet Nam

These are large-scale universities with facilities, attracting many international students to en-roll, high-level academic and research training programs. Most schools focus on developing quality with reputable and qualified experts and teaching staff.

In particular, Dong-A University, Korea and Nagasaki University - Japan are two units that have implemented many effective cooperation initially with Dong A University - Da Nang in cooperating in a number of fields. such as nursing, business administration, volunteer teacher exchange and scholarships for doctoral and master's degree training.

Dong A University is the host of this 7th academic exchange forum, and opens opportunities for cooperation and technology transfer, exchange of professional knowledge and experiences on related issues. to foreign investment between leaders and representatives of local departments, lecturers of universities.

23 thematic studies presented at the forthcoming workshop with issues of high interest, generalization and practical research such as: industrial clusters and foreign investment in the field of I&CT in Chau. Asia by Associate Professor Takahiro Kawamata, Nagasaki University - Japan; the effects of FDI on economic growth in Asian countries by Director Zhao Xindong, Huaqiao University - China; Analysis of China - ASEAN trade and the construction of a reverse model of knowledge transfer, ... to grasp the current trend of investment attraction, and also challenges that countries in Asia are facing.

Furthermore, the program creates a comprehensive and sustainable development opportunity as well as promoting trade and integration in Asia to select new investment plans, expand cooperation and long-term development.

All will be available at the seminar "Foreign direct investment in Asia" - 26/05/2017.