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"Statistics and Probability" class of Professor Fred Hyunkon Kahng (Korea)

In the process of integration with the world economy in the economic era 4.0, equipping English foundation for students, especially specialized English plays an extremely important role in higher education. Therefore, Dong A University invited Professor Fred Hyunkon Kahng (Korea) to organize the Business Statistics and Probability Class for Business Administration students.

Professor Fred Hyunkon Kahng at the Statistics probability class


During the course of nearly 1 month (January 5 to January 23), Professor Fred tried to convey a lot of statistical knowledge, useful probability through many simple but compelling examples, such as calculating Means values among smokers between Vietnam and Korea, helping Business Administration students initially access new knowledge in English.

Through the course, students are not only equipped with the necessary statistical knowledge but also contribute to improving specialized English to help students have the advantage when graduating in the future. This is also the goal that Dong A University wants to achieve in the future.

Therefore, high quality classes like this will be organized more in the future to help create more competitive advantages for students of Business Administration in particular and Dong A University students in general.