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Taking photos of yearbook: Joy of students in Business Administration - Class 15 of Dong A University

Save the last moments of student life is the legitimate aspiration of students. Even for those who have walked through student life for a long time, they wish to come back to the past with their classmates to record memories in this way if there is a chance. For Business Administration students in the 15th class, it is their wish since entering Dong A University.

The photos of the students of Business Administration Class 15, University of Dong A, have not only intellectual qualities of the bachelors who are constantly learning and improving their ability to improve their capacity but also student-style humors.

After the class, each person will have their own choices, to find new jobs for themselves.

Beautiful memories under roofs of Dong A University are moments of joy and sadness that everyone wants to save. Happy smiles, mischievous jokes, tears, tight hugs are kept in this yearbook.

Not only that, the yearbook image is also to mark the maturity step, marking an important milestone in our youth, and will be a memory that you will never forget throughout your life.