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The transformation of the marketing communications industry in the future

"Marketing Transformation, with a focus on Digital Transformation, will be the key to the development of customer experience and brand, promoting business growth."

Data - Key to decode customer needs

Experts at the 2019 Asia Pacific Senior Leaders Conference identified that "The biggest challenge in optimizing the customer experience is to always follow the users in the context of their ever-changing and deeply connected in a "flat world". While 80% of businesses are confident to bring an optimal customer experience, only 8% of customers agree with this rate.                    

According to Ogilvy executives, customer experience is not a guessing game. The marketing team must actively plan on all marketing interactions, requiring extensive visibility and thorough understanding of the journey as well as customer psychology. "We put users at the center of every thought, understanding them as a real person, not putting it in certain identities. From here, we find insights (implicit truth) capable of inspiring them. "

To do that, data and technology are the two keys to decode customer psychology. Specifically, this duo of tools will provide information to create the most innovative, relevant, and effective user approaches. Data and technology deployment will also help optimize costs - which is a top priority for most businesses.

Digital Transformation - A vital element of a business

From the application of data and technology, the way to go for business is digital transformation - the complex and comprehensive form of digital marketing. Future marketing communications will take place in a comprehensive transformation of the business, by integrating and synchronizing digital platforms into operating systems, optimizing data management efficiency, and e-commerce. and multi-channel user experience.

Data from Ogilvy Group's Senior Asia Pacific Leadership Conference show that "30-40% of marketing activity budgets are transferred from Communications to MarTech - platforms, Tools for marketing and AdTech - advertising technology to increase efficiency and conversion rate. "

However, experts also believe that the digital transformation process cannot be fast, simple and the CMO himself - the Marketing Director must have the qualities of the sales leader, the tech savvy and the customer experience.

It can be said that digital conversion is a vital element of business before the change and development of digital platforms today. Accordingly, "Digital transformation strategy is an opportunity for enterprises to professionalize the operating system and promote business efficiency."

Interaction is key

Consumer behaviors are changing every day and become more difficult to grasp than ever. They are smart enough and actively approach what they want with technology support. "Content is King" (Bill Gates) is still a philosophy to change the modern advertising industry. However, with the development of technology, marketing content needs to be conveyed quickly, at the right time and with the right target customers.

"The way of promoting brands today is to promote interaction with consumers, not simply to introduce information on brands." Stories about daily life, social events that touch the feelings and emotions of customers will open up lively discussions to help the brand bear the mark in the customers' hearts.

"Apart from being interactive, contents need to be easy to connect, customize, replicate and bring breakthrough value to change the game", Ms. Nguyen Dieu Cam, General Director of T & A-Ogilvy and Ogilvy Consulting Vietnam, shares her opinions.

However, from the perspective of consumers, they do not have time to care which content is advertising or which one is pure creation. They only care about whether the content is related to them, make them feel fun, attractive. "Only when the media campaigns help the public" feel "something, whether it's happy, sad or angry (not in a negative direction), those campaigns are considered successful."

In other words, the brand must seize the opportunity to create instant "fever" content that will stir the interest of consumers, promoting discussions around the brand. Like Mr. Patrick Almaguer - Creative Director of Ogilvy Vietnam said, the opportunity comes fast and disappears in a millisecond. "Catch the opportunity" is not a media campaign to build and maintain a brand image. It is simply a moment to catch a lot of attention that you can fully utilize for your brand.