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What opportunities are available for Bachelor of Marketing

Marketing is an indispensable activity for product development and brand positioning. Marketing is known to include all consumer-oriented activities with the goal of becoming a strong bridge between businesses and customers. This is also the industry that many candidates are interested in and register for the exam, annually. But what will I do if I study Marketing? And what will be the future opportunities for this industry?

What do you do after studying Marketing?

When Vietnam's economy increasingly integrates deeply into the world economy, enterprises must attract more and more talents to affirm and maintain their foothold in the business market. Therefore, Marketing industry constantly attracts more and more students to study.

Marketing students after graduation will be able to undertake the following positions:

1. Market research specialist

2. Expert in brand development and management

3. Expert in customer care and public relations

4. Specialists at companies operating in the field of marketing

5. Teaching and research on Marketing and Marketing Management


Where to work after graduation?

After graduation, students can find jobs at:

1. Marketing agency

2. Media Agency

3. Market research companies

4. Department of Marketing in domestic and foreign companies


Besides professional knowledge, soft skills, foreign languages also contribute significantly to attracting employers. Therefore, candidates need to choose the right training school to ensure the best career opportunities at graduation. Dong A University is one of the few schools offering a variety of foreign language programs from English, Japanese, Korean to Chinese, giving students many opportunities to choose in accordance with their abilities and desires. In addition, Marketing students of Dong A University also have the opportunity to watch and practice continuously for 4 years to gain more experience after graduation, contributing to increase their competitive advantage compared to students from other universities.

Marketing student of Dong A University doing internship at Heneiken Da Nang Brewery


Therefore, candidates need to consider to choose a suitable Marketing course, to have many competitive advantages and open up many opportunities to find jobs after graduation.