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What students should do during summer vacation

1. Part time jobs Instead of spending time surfing social networks or playing online games, students apply for short term full time or find part-time jobs, which are suitable in the summer months. Although this may be time consuming, it will be very beneficial for student CV as this can help students gain real life experience and develop professional skills, which are not available in university. Moreover, it could provide students with many career choices and connections after graduation. Lastly, it brings back a substantial amount of money for students.

2. Try doing something new

These new things can be skills, challenges in new areas or in the field you are pursuing. Students can go to school or take advantage of free internet sites to learn new knowledge such as foreign languages, musical instruments, or simply new skills. The new knowledge can help students gain more confidence when applying for a job after graduation. In addition, students should take advantage of physical training during the summer holidays to help them improve their physical abilities as well as ability to concentrate in the learning process.

3. Study before the curriculum

This may sound strange because summer vacation is a time when students leave their books to rest. However, this is a good opportunity for students to read and understand the knowledge that will be learned in the future. Thus, students can deeply understand the knowledge they will learn in the future. Students can find quiet, cool bookstores during these hot summers to easily concentrate on studying those lessons.

Hardworking students study at a book cafe